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The 5 Minute LifeMakeover

Do you ever feel like you just want to change it all up?

You want to hit the reset button, but you don’t know where to start?


Sometimes a little goes a long way. How about a mini life-makeover? Got 5 minutes?


Here are 5 ideas that make a stale day fresh or give you a reset any time of day:


Connect with your Breath (1 minute)

Take 1 minute to practice taking deep breaths. On my podcast, Soul Sister Conversations, in Episode 168 , I interviewed Charmaine Lee, a breath teacher. She explained the power of our breath. It was very educational. Charmaine had a deep struggle with overdoing, anxiety and burnout. She found breath work as a way to recover and heal. The breath became the ANCHOR and the MEDICINE to help her re-pattern her old ways.


The breath is a free tool we all have access to. Way too many of us spend our time breathing shallowly. We are so tense! So take a minute to practice deep breathing and note what happens in your body. 


Declutter Your Space (1 minute)

Take 1 minute to declutter your immediate space. Notice how quickly you can make a change in your physical environment. 

A clear space equals a clear mind. I think our clutter free spaces impact us allowing more focus and creativity.


Express Gratitude (1 minute)

In 1 minute, state out loud or write down what you are grateful for. A good gratitude rant can change the direction of your attitude and your day, especially when you feel that negative ninny, your Inner Critic, settling in.


Stretch or Move (1 minute)

Take 1 minute to stand up and stretch your body to release tension and improve circulation. Bend and stretch or do a lap around the office. Not only is it good to give your body some movement, it also provides a mental reset, especially if you are on a screen all day.


Set Intentions (1 minute)

What do you intend for this day? Take a moment to reflect on your goals and priorities for the day (or the rest of the day if you are currently in midday).  Write down or mentally address the top three things you want to accomplish. 


Setting intentions helps you stay focused and motivated throughout the day. When you only give yourself one minute, you also provide urgency, so your brain focuses on the most important things.


There you have it! A 5 minute Life Makeover.


Are you ready? 


On your mark, get set, Go! ➡️


Could you believe that you could achieve that many things in 5 minutes?

Do not discount the power of small action!


Coaching Question: Which of these 5 practices would have the greatest impact on you? What impact would it have?


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