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 Dana Lloyd 


About Dana Lloyd

Over 20 years ago, I read a book called Leadership Is An Art by Max Depree sitting at my desk in an automotive aftermarket company. It was my first leadership book. It did two things for me:


One, I began to understand that Leaders made the difference in an organization. An organization will never be anything that the Leader is not. 

Two, it evoked in me a Higher Calling. I had a Bachelor of Education degree, yet I wasn't teaching. It was a catalyst for my own personal development journey.


My journey has continued to evolve ever since. Now I help people grow both personally and professionally. 

I use my teaching skills that I earned from UNB and married them with the coaching skills I learned from The Coaches Training Institute and Coaching Out Of The Box. I added mentorship from the leadership guru himself,  John Maxwell and now I help leaders grow through through leadership training, one on one coaching and keynote speaking.

The Higher Calling I talked about? I now write books, podcast and speak to people on how to find joy, meaning & fulfillment. 

The Bottom Line: Leadership is an inside job and I can help you with that. 


Leadership Development

is Personal Development.

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