LAUNCHED October 2017
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Soul Prescription:

101 Ways to Find Joy, Meaning & Fulfillment provides practical, simple ways to find joy, meaning & fulfillment.

The book has a spiritual undertone encouraging the reader to connect with their Highest Self.


Dana Lloyd shows you where to find your joy as well as your peace, excellence and creativity.

COMING Mother's Day 2020

Soul Prescription: Encouraging the Woman Within provides easy, bite sized advice encouraging women to become powerful by connecting to their Highest Self.


When women start living the fullest expression of their lives, they will change not only their life, but the world around them.

Women are the original channel of life. Women will give birth to a new world. 

The Christmas Potluck

This is a story about a couple, Marsha and Frank Taylor. Frank has a habit of getting entangled in unforeseen circumstances. In this first story, Marsha and Frank attend the Marshall Lane Christmas Neighbourhood Potluck where Frank gets into some mischief as the neighbours kickoff the holiday season.


I believe in living a life according to your values. Creativity is one my values. Writing is one way I express my creativity. I have been wanting to try fictional writing for a while. This is my first fictional piece of writing.

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