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Test your goals first

January mentally allows us to hit the RESTART button on our lives. It feels like a fresh start. We get to fill in the next 12 months that lie ahead. 


I am a fan of Masterclass. It is an online education platform where you can watch lectures and take tutorials on everything from business and leadership to writing and gardening.


Recently, I was watching Martha Stewart’s masterclass. The woman is 82 years old, and her days are still jam packed. Martha loves to achieve. Honestly, many masterclasses like Martha’s give me ideas about how to do life better or differently. What I walked away with from Martha’s masterclass is that you can get more done than you think you can.

That means setting goals. But how likely are you stick to your new goals?

 As you set goals for 2024, here is my quick test through which to run your goals so that you're more likely to achieve them.


As you read each goal, ask yourself this question:


Am I interested in reaching this goal or am I committed to reaching it?


There is a big difference between INTERESTED or COMMITTED!


I might be interested in writing another book, but what will I do to commit to it?


You might be interested in …..


➡️ becoming a better leader for your team, but what will you commit to in order to be better?

➡️ learning a new language, but how much time each week are you willing to really commit to learning it?

➡️ reading more books this coming year, but how much time will you give to a new reading habit?

➡️ better health, but what are you willing to change in order to achieve it?

Create goals that matter to you. 

You will achieve something if you are truly care about it.


Being interested is carrying around your dream.

Being committed is executing it.


Coaching Question:  What goals do you want to move from being interested in to being committed to achieving in 2024?


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