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Why Be Coached?


Hiring a coach grows leaders quickly.

Some of the benefits of being coached include:


  • identify the gaps in your leadership.

  • identify your dominant leadership style and learn other styles of leading.

  • learn to have effective conversations with team members.

  • learn to hold others accountable.

  • increase confidence as a leader.



Keynote Speaker

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Hire Dana to speak at your next event. Dana always INSPIRES and leaves audiences with PRACTICAL take aways to implement.

Dana gets people excited about leading with confidence. She engages audiences with her natural storytelling ability and delivers bite size nuggets with humour and warmth.


Audiences leave feeling encouraged. As Dana Lloyd is both a trained teacher and coach, she considers the different learning styles when delivering content and ensures participants leave with an action plan to start implementing the new ideas.


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Leading with Coaching is a program that equips participants with the key skills in coaching. It has been proven that using coaching is one the most impact leadership styles, yet the least used.


You may not have time to become a full fledged coach, but becoming more coach-like pays great dividends. 

Build your leadership toolkit today.

Learn the 2 keys skills that will:

✔️ increase your confidence as a leader

✔️ improve your communication

✔️ teach others to think for themselves

✔️ build trust.

You also learn how to recognize when to use the skill of coaching.

Length: 2 hours

Delivery: Delivered virtually or in person.

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