Dana gets people excited about their lives.

Hire Dana to speak at your next event. Dana always INSPIRES and leaves audiences with PRACTICAL take aways to implement.

Dana engages audiences with her natural storytelling ability. Audiences leave feeling encouraged with practical ideas to jump start their growth. 


WorkPlace Leadership Topics:

  1. Be an Influencer in Your Organization

  2. Leadership is a Mindset

  3. The REAL truth about Work-Life Balance

Personal Leadership Topics:

  1. Step Into Your Greatness

  2. Finding Joy, Meaning and Fulfillment

  3. Being Well is an Inside Job


Want to supplement your internal resources? Dana Lloyd Leadership is a resource for leadership development. Start a leadership development program at your organization to start raising the lid on leadership.

Coaching skills are a sought after competency in the workplace and an empowering tool for a Leader. In this program, you learn specific skills to employ at work to get the most from others. This program allows you to acquire an additional leadership style.
This is an easy, straight forward model to learn.  

Why Be Coached?

You are a solid operator who is confident in your ability to run your business, but know there is room to grow in your Leadership skills to take your business to the next level.  You are good, but know you can be great. Perhaps you feel like there something missing from your business.


You know you need help as a leader in areas such as engagement, accountability, and communication. Perhaps you lost confidence in your ability as a leader. Dana Lloyd Leadership helps guide you to become not just a leader people have to follow, but one people WANT to follow. 

You are a learner who acquired new skills such as coaching or communication skills and you want to convert that learning into effective leadership. Coaching picks up where training leaves off.  Dana Lloyd Leadership leverages your classroom learning and converts it into real world application.

You want to become more valuable to your organization. People who can lead get noticed and promoted. Those who can add value become more valuable. Would you follow you?