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Leaders care about Self-Care

Gas tank on empty

“Leading ourselves is the highest form of leadership,” says leadership guru John Maxwell. I couldn't agree more.


Leadership is a demanding job.


You might lead a business team, a classroom, your family, or church community. Or you are trying to influence others in your organization.


Leadership IS influence. Influence takes time and energy.


Don't allow yourself to get depleted or worse burned out.

Fuel yourself often, so you can continue to have impact.


A little time out goes a long way.


I am reminded this week how simple the re-fuel can be.

Sun setting over water

We have a lake property where we retreat to.


It is where the rushing stops, the noise stops, both externally and internally. It truly amazes me how time seems to slow down. 


What I’ve come to love about this place is the simple things. After a couple of days immersed in nature surrounded by 100-year-old pines and spectacular sunsets, my body and my mind are calm. 


I rejoice in the sun, water, and sky. 

I love the gentle sway of the trees. 

The enjoy the birds calling to each other.

The local woodpecker hammering on a tree gets my attention. 

I putter and check on the growth of my flowers from week to week.

I enjoy floating in the water.

I love ending the day with a mesmerizing bonfire and a little stargazing. 


The things that fill you up and calm you down in life are simple. 

And they usually cost nothing.


For me, a little bit of nature goes a long way.

After spending time in nature, I always return to my life with a reset feeling.


I feel boosted and uplifted ready to take on the week's challenges.


We are all in the business of leadership. 


As much as we give to others, we must remember ourselves in the process. 


Give yourself time to:

  • reset.

  • get centred.

  • take a break.

  • refuel. 


Whatever it is for you, make time for it. 


In my book Soul prescription: 101 ways to find Joy, Meaning and Fulfillment, I wrote some prescriptions that might be helpful to you as a leader such as:


#22 Each Day is a chance to reset.

#97 Use Mother Nature to Heal you


We all find solace in different places, whether it be the ocean, forest, countryside, or a sunny room in our house.


Life can get busy and complicated fast....if we let it.


We are emerging from mental awareness month that happened in May.

Keep this awareness all year round.


So go ahead. Give yourself a time out.


Need a reset, but only have a few minutes? Try the ideas I outlined in a former blog called "The 5 minute Life Makeover" where you can reset your day with 5 one minute ideas.


Coaching Question: What is missing from your self-care routine?


Want to start your week off inspired? 

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