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Why Life is so Hard

Updated: Mar 27

Don’t we just cherish days where there is no chaos, drama or stress? No decisions to be made. No lessons to be learned. Those days are so easy.

But the truth is…. life doesn’t go very long without disturbances. When life becomes disturbed, this is called contrast.

Contrast occurs when something is strikingly different. Contrast causes an idea, a person, or a situation to stand out.

Contrast is what makes our life hard.

You will have many good days and then you get a call from adult child in distress.

Your day starts without incident then suddenly you are hauled into a time sensitive project and your whole day is rearranged.

You realize there is a growing gap in your marriage.

You have a new leader in your workplace and you no longer like the culture.

Although life would be so easy if there wasn’t contrast, there are reasons for it.

Contrast has purpose and it is good for us!

Here are 5 reasons why CONTRAST is good for us:

Awakens and alerts you to what you want.

Contrast gets your attention. It is just as important to know what you don’t want as it is to know what you do want. Contrast acts as a filter on the road to your best life.

Appreciative of the goodness in your life.

When you lose or don’t get what you don’t, you can then appreciate what you had. Think of the lockdown experiences during the pandemic. You never knew the true value of connection until you couldn’t connect. I never thought I could lose my freedom. I certainly don’t take it for granted now. I so appreciate my ability to move freely and easily.

Fosters growth and development.

If everything ran smoothly, if there were no obstacles how could you learn and grow? Growth happens when you are uncomfortable and contrasting experiences makes us uncomfortable.

Adds variety and excitement to life.

If everything was the same day after day, boredom would set in. There wouldn’t be anything that lights you up. It breaks up the routine of life. Think about when you travel, that is very different from everyday life. I get excited when I travel because I get to have new and different experiences that add value to my life.

Brings balance and perspective.

There is nothing like having your life interrupted to make you see a situation in a new light. A contrasting experience will give you opportunity to see your problem from a new viewpoint. It will also provide you the opportunity to make choices. As well, if your life is feeling out of balance, contrast will force you to take an action to bring your life back into “balance.”

As you can see, contrast is a very powerful experience. Embrace when it comes because it has a message.

Contrast has purpose and it is good for you.

Coaching Question: What value has contrast brought to your life?

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