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Don't Let AI Steal this from You

By now, most of you are hearing increasingly more about AI. Chat GPT has made its way into our lives. I am also now seeing more workshops and sessions on discussing the power of AI and how it’s going to affect business. 


While AI will be helpful and change our lives, there is one downside that concerns me. 


We risk losing our authentic voice. 


I was listening to a podcast clip of one of my favourite comedians, Sebastian Maniscalco. He says he uses AI to write emails, so that he’s using proper grammar and verb tenses because he’s not a great written communicator. He wants to be understand and sound good in an email. As he puts it, AI makes people like him, who sound like Rocky Balboa, write like they went to Yale.


And while this sentiment makes me laugh out loud, it also makes me think about the downside to AI.


You risk losing your voice, your authenticity, especially as more people use services like ChatGPT.


Think about when you read a book. You can hear the author’s voice or the characters of a story in your head. 


While AI is super useful, we must be careful not to allow our true selves to give way to the rise of robotic voices. 


I will give you an example. When I was close to publishing my book Soul Prescription: 101 Ways to find joy, meaning and fulfillment, I remember one friend, smiling widely and slightly devilishly, saying that he hoped I was going to put a “wee bit of the Miramichi in it.”


I was raised in Newcastle, a small town in northeastern New Brunswick that is now known as Miramichi City. If you are familiar with the Miramichi, it’s early days were based on a very Irish population. We have some interesting ways of expressing thoughts and ideas, sometimes comedic.


We are all different in the ways we express ourselves. 


When I think of the request from my friend, I feel he was encouraging me to allow my authentic self to show up. He was expressing that he liked that part of me.

And that is what is important. 


The way I speak is part of who I am. 

The way you speak is a part of you. 


Our voices matter. It's part of what we like about each other.


So as AI makes its way into our lives, let’s not allow it to take over our authentic voices. 


Sounding the same is boring. 

Having the same ideas is bland.

Expressing ourselves in the same way.... yawn fest.


Embrace your authentic voice. It is the sweetest sound. 


Coaching Question: How would you describe your authentic voice? How does your authenticity get expressed in your voice?


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