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5 Trades to make this year

Looking to create change this year, but not sure what to change. Consider trading out some patterns that keep you stuck.


Make these 5 trades this year:


Trade Perfection for progress

Perfection is a pattern that keeps you VERY stuck. Perfection is a tricky one as it convinces you that waiting a little longer to finish your presentation, project or book will make it better. In an interview, I heard Taylor Swift advise, “Just keep making art.”  This is her philosophy. You keep putting yourself out there, so as to grow, get noticed, or be seen. If Taylor Swift hadn’t had the courage to move to Nashville to work on her songwriting and singing abilities, she certainly wouldn’t be a household name we know today. One must create and release to experience progress. Who knows where progress will take you.


Challenge: What have you been holding back that needs to be released?


Trade Judgement for curiosity

What do you think happens when you drop the judging mind and be curious? For one, understanding settles in. Let go of the judging attitude to ask questions instead. What is causing that person to act that way? What’s their story? What do I not know about them? When we stay curious, we realize there is much we likely don’t know. Judgement is ego-based. Curiosity is highest self-based. Connect with your highest self to make real change in your life.


Challenge: How would being more curious and less judgmental impact you?


Trade Fear for freedom

Fear is a pattern that holds you back. When you drop fear, freedom is the default. When you are free of your fearful mind, you are willing to try new things. You move from closed to open. Freedom paves a path forward.

Fear takes you nowhere; freedom can take you anywhere.


Challenge: What fear holds you back the most?


Trade Mediocrity for excellence

Are you doing your best? Mediocrity settles in when we become set in our ways, unwilling to change. Mediocrity feels comfortable like our favourite chair. Mediocrity is ordinary; excellence is extraordinary. Zig Ziglar once asked, how many kids missed a college scholarship because they didn’t read for 10 minutes a day? Being excellent or extraordinary is not about doing a lot of work, it is about a consistent, pattern of behaviour that others are unwilling to do. 


Challenge: Where have you become mediocre? Where can you implement a new pattern of behaviour?


Trade Happiness for fulfillment

Happiness is always being pursued, so how about trading it for fulfillment instead? Happiness is an emotion. Just like all the other emotions we have, they come and go. Fulfillment, however, is this deeply satisfying feeling that we embody when we are living the life we want including living a life according to our values. Happiness is superficial and fickle. Fulfillment is foundational. 


Challenge: What would living a fulfilling life look like?


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