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13 Inspiring Quotes about Connection

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

As we end this week of celebration for International Women's Day, I salute the women who were on the podcast Soul Sister Conversations in 2019 who taught me about CONNECTION - connecting to ourselves, to each other, our community and the greater world around us.

Wisdom is all around us if we choose to listen. Here are some thoughtful words from some amazing women who were warm, authentic and vulnerable as they shared their stories and insight.

Tiffany Agnew

"I did not want to further the loss by allowing it to break or destroy me."

-Tiffany Agnew, The Braedon Foundation

Tiffany teaches us about connecting with yourself during the most difficult times. She shares how she courageously moved through loss and dealt with grief after she lost her son Braedon. She shows us what true bravery is and inspires others to live bravely in their lives.

Kim Osepchook

"Gardening is addressing the whole self. Growing even a small amount of food has a great impact on your physical and mental well being as well as reducing  your carbon footprint." - Kim Osepchook, Owner Axil Gardens

Kim inspired us all to connect with ourselves by returning to the earth. She certainly inspired me to starting growing a garden again. A garden is great metaphor for life...just start small.

Connect with Kim Osepchook here:

Heather Purcell

"When something challenging arises, I ask myself what is it here to teach me."

- Heather Purcell, Creative Nature Health & Wellness

Heather was forced to see her challenges as opportunities after two cycling accidents changed her perspective on wellness to include mental health. Heather reminds us go inward to make the connection with ourselves and to see how life is constantly serving up lessons.

Cindy O'Donnell

"Spirituality is not about trying; it is about being/ embodying/ surrendering." - Cindy O'Donnell, The Zen Diva

Cindy is a wealth of knowledge as sh teaches us about connecting to your own intuition. She reframes spirituality in a fresh light. She teaches us that we have many avenues to connect to ourselves. She shows us that there is more to life than just the physical.

Connect with Cindy here:

Patricia Donihee

"We have layers of social conditioning. We can change our lives despite all of that." - Patricia Donihee, C

Patricia is wealth of knowledge who reminds us that 'life happens for you, not to you." She inspires us to connect with ourselves by staying in your own business, use your breath and understanding that COMPROMISE = RESENTMENT. This was a 360 degree view at looking at your life.

Connect with Patricia Donihee here:

Kathy Kaufield

"As I celebrate small moments of joy, I find my joy increasing." - Kathy Kaufield

Kathy shares her story of living through her breast cancer diagnosis. This upbeat woman educates others on breast health. She reminds how to connect and support yourself as well as others who are facing health challenges.

Learn more about how Kathy Kaufield is helping to raise awareness:

Janet Thompson-Price

"I am working in an area I am passionate about, but it also envelops my life. I have really been able to marry the two areas of my life together. I have become really good friends with a lot of my clients. As a consequence, my family is so much more enriched."

- Janet Thompson- Price, Atlantic Fusion Law Group

Janet shared her passion as an immigration lawyer. She teaches us how connection with newcomers in our community can help enrich our lives.

Connect with Janet Thompson-Price here:

Amanda Hanson

"Make changes from a place of self-love."

- Amanda Hanson, Simply Stylish

Amanda Hanson, a personal stylist who encourages a connection with yourself. She shares how she wants to use her voice to help women feel empowered and to feel confident in expressing themselves without fear of judgement.

Connect with Amanda Hanson here:

Laverne Stewart

"When you bury garbage (trauma), it is still there. Eventually it will find it's way out. It refuses to stay buried."

- Laverne Stewart, Author

As former television reporter, Laverne responded to many traumatic scenes. She taught us about the importance of dealing with trauma so that you can heal from it. And in doing so, create a deeper connection with yourself.

Laverne is an author of several books:

Angels in the Afterlife Healing after Homicide: the Jackie Clark story Coven of the Soul Sisters Haunted Heart

Alaina Lockhart

"It cool to be a girl because you get to be the first at something." - Alaina Lockhart

Alaina Lockhart - former member of Parliament, reminded us with this awesome quote that there is power in being in being female. She encourages women to consider politics.

Eliza Fayle

"A thought triggers an emotion. Once you trigger an emotion, the universal vibration immediately responds."

- Eliza Fayle, Artist

Eliza Fayle taught us connecting to the power of the Universe and that can help you live a more abundant life.

Connect with Eliza here:

Instagram at @elizafayleart Email

Ruth Marshall

"The most difficult time in a person's life, doesn't have to be the worst time in a person's life." - Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall, a former actor turned author, challenges us to re-examine how to look at life's challenges. She writes about her life changing experience in Walk It Off. She reminds us to connect to ourselves through a good dose of humour and optimism.

Connect with Ruth Marshall on Instagram: @ruthmarshallwrites

Sister Joan Chittister

"Don't ask who the prophets are. Be one."

- Sister Joan Chittister, Benedictine nun, theologian, author

This fiery nun & two time Oprah guest, reminds us to step up in our lives to help others. She asks us to have the courage to lead in difficult times and to speak up.

Connect with Sister Joan Chittister:

I love being inspired by fabulous women. It was a pleasure to be in conversation with each one of these women. Their insight is a reminder we can learn from one another.

To Your Continued Growth,

Dana Lloyd

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