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The SECRET to being a genius

Updated: Apr 5

June wrapped up a lot of graduation ceremonies.

My social media feeds were filled with proud parents posing with their beautiful children off to prom. There were lots of accolades and posts about high achievers. I didn't see a lot of praise outside of academics.

There is a larger percentage of people who don’t win academic awards, yet honour students, distinctions and high academic achievers is what you hear about during year end festivities. While this is awesome for those who achieve it, it is a very limiting view of success. Academics are not a direct correlation to success in life.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to celebrate people for other qualities.

I always loved the quote by Albert Einstein.

“Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will believe it’s whole life that it is stupid.”

I read recently about a scholarship established by David Letterman at his alma mater. David says he was a C student, so he didn’t receive awards. His scholarship does not focus on academics. It focuses on creativity. The most creative wins!

As leaders, we have to do a better job at celebrating and recognizing people for their talents and strengths.

We can recognize people for their:



Emotional Intelligence



Positive Traits




Social Impact

Artistic Ability

Not everyone is an A+ student, but everyone has something to offer this world.

Remember: There are many ways to celebrate you.

Coaching Question: Outside of academics, what would you receive an award for?

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