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Stop negativity with one Question

If you are human, you’ve experienced negativity. Most of it has likely come from yourself. You know what I am talking about. 


The little (or not so little) voice in your head that makes you believe awful things about yourself and paralyzes action.


We all have that Inner Critic, the little voice inside that overwhelms us with negative thoughts sometimes.


I am not good enough.

I can’t get it together.

Everyone is doing better than me.

I can’t even meet the smallest goals.

What’s wrong with me?


Need I go on? You get the picture. It is hard to believe we have a roommate living rent free like that in our heads. 


There is one question that will shut it down! Ask yourself:


What is working well right now?


This question cuts through the noise of the Inner Critic.


I like to add the words right now to really dial your attention into the here and now.


You can ask this question of the various areas of your life too.


For example:

What is working well in my relationships?

What is working well in my friend groups?

What is working well on the project?

What is working well on my team?

What is working well today? This week? This year?


Gosh! It is such a powerful, positive question.


You can argue for your limitations all you want, but this question will have none of that! 


It acts like a librarian intermittently shushing your negativity. Shhhhhh! 🤫


This question:

Slows the momentum of the negative mind.

Helps you reset your mindset.

Reminds you that there are things going well despite setbacks or downturns.

Keeps your Inner Critic in check. 

Refocuses your attention.

Makes you feel good.


Coaching Question: What is working well for you right now? 


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