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Stop looking for the Super Leader

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Are you like me? I love searching for leadership inspiration. But sometimes I need a reminder not to miss what might be right in front of me. I love having conversations with business leaders because they have great insight into leading well in our lives. A terrific leadership conversation with Gordie Lavoie on my podcast Soul Sister Conversations uncovered this really important leadership idea that has stuck with me:

Stop looking for the SUPER Leader. “If you are ready, willing and open, you can often get really great lessons from everyday, common people who pass through your life.” If your mind is closed and you are always looking for the one super leader or inspirational leader to give you advice, sometimes they don’t come along that often.” - Gordie Lavoie, former President of Sunny Corner Enterprises

This is such a great leadership nugget! It reminds of us two things: 1) Keep your mind open to possibility. Sometimes our minds can close easily when introduced to new ideas or people. Closed minds miss opportunities. 2) Be on the look for inspiration everywhere. No one person has all the inspiration. While there may be people who stand out or are known for being a super leader, remember to watch for the leader that could be working right along side you at work that may have great lessons to share. Would you miss advice because you are waiting for someone more important to say it? ....And I would add this. Don't forget to catch your own lessons too. You never know who you are inspiring. How you are living your life personally or professionally may influence someone else. As you move through your week, look at those around you who might be teaching you lessons without you realizing it.

Listen to my entire conversation with Gordie here: Soul Sister Conversations podcast Coaching Question: What leadership inspiration is already around you?


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