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Quick Question to get Instant Clarity

It is always a good time to check on our goals, our life. How’s it going? It is easy to have things “get away on you.” There were things you said you wanted to do. But....the day gets busy…. suddenly it was a month that got busy. Life got cluttered. Life got noisy. If you are feeling weighed down by the clutter of life, my favourite way to cut through all the noise and start with a clean slate is with this simple question: So, what do I want? This one little question evaporates the noise so you can get clear again.

I learned this simple tweak from one of my favourite conversations with Michael Losier on Soul Sister Conversations in episode 183 called How to Attract More of What you Want. I think I have listened to that episode 12 times!! In this conversation, Michael shares how people complain or be negative and they wonder why they keep getting more of what they don’t want. Pro Tip for getting what you want. Michael suggests you stop using the words: Don’t, Not, or No. Don’t slam the door. So, What do I want? Close the door gently. Don’t run. So, What do I want? Walk please. Think about what you have been saying you don’t want. Then turn it around with the simple question: So, What do I want? Speak clear, direct words without using Don’t, Not or No. It cuts through all the noise (including the voice in your head) to re-focus your attention quickly. Imagine if you asked yourself this question every morning, how your day would go differently. Either you run the day or the day runs you. So when life gets busy, feels overwhelming and you are getting lost in it all, consider this one little question.

Coaching Question: So, what do I want?


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