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11 Leadership Quotes from Inspiring Women

Over the past year, I have had the privilege of being in conversation with many women around the mic on Soul Sister Conversations - a podcast dedicated to having soulful conversations with others on topics of leadership both professional and personal as well as spiritual development.

On this International Women's Day, I wanted to inspire and encourage you with insight from some of the amazing local women that inspired me in 2018 as I took this podcasting journey. It demonstrates how much insight and wisdom we have right here in our own backyard. Join me in celebrating them.

"When you've worked hard, and done well, and walked through that doorway of opportunity, you do not slam it shut behind you." - Michelle Obama

As these women sat down at the podcast mic to share their stories and ideas, Michelle Obama's quote comes to life. By sharing their wisdom, these women are holding the door open so others may learn, be inspired and take action in their own lives.

Enjoy the insight from these 11 amazing women.

Anita Punamiya

"I never cared about what people thought about me. I was taught to believe in myself. I was told there is nothing I can't do." - Anita Punamiya, Art4lifeInc

Anita Punamiya exudes confidence. She teaches us about creative aging, embracing who you are and the power of getting older.

Trisha Perry

"The burnout has so much less to do with the quantity of work that you're doing. It is more about incongruence (in your life). Are you doing the thing that is actually bringing you joy or the thing that is aligned with your personal values.. when it is aligned, it doesn't feel like work." - Trisha Perry, Resonance Inc.

This amazing woman walked away from her big law firm job to find her inner peace and to move toward her most authentic self. Trisha openly shares how her inner struggle forced herself to look inward. She really drives home the importance of knowing your values and how life is so much easier when you live in accordance with them.

Connect with Trisha Perry here:

Beth Hatt

"Happiness in the workplace is feeling good about what you are doing, knowing you are making a difference and feeling ownership." - Beth Hatt, Aquila Tours

This fantastic business woman and mentor used the book Good to Great by Jim Collins to take her business to the next level. She inspires people with her humble, yet winning attitude toward business and leadership.

Connect with Aquila Tours here:

Lily Lynch

"Listen, in particular, to the other female voices that are already doing the work. I don't have to invent every step along the way." - Lily Lynch, Sankara

This impressive young leader reminds us that her social enterprise, Sankara, doesn't help anyone. It is a tool for people to help themselves. She helps provide a platform where the community can be connected to newcomers and their cultures through food experiences. You will be inspired by the business and leadership lessons that this young woman has learned thus far.

Michelle Hooton

"The word interest is the same as passionate. When you are interested in something, you have to walk the walk to prove to people you are passionate. Working past tired, working when there is no pay cheque and you still get up the next day and are excited to do it again." - Michelle Hooton, Co-owner of the restaurant, Italian By Night.

This long time entrepreneur shares her passion and wisdom for business that started when she was a teenager. Her confidence and determination for business and leadership shines through.

Connect with Michelle Hooton at and Italian By Night:

Kelly Lawson

"I heard my entrepreneurial voice in high school. Life is short. If you are not doing something you love, it might be time to re-assess." - Kelly Lawson, Photographer

This Occupational Therapist turned professional photographer and entrepreneur extraordinaire reminds us that in order to lead well in life, we should be doing something that lights us up.

Connect with Kelly Lawson here:

Nathalie Godbout

"If you spent time alone with your thoughts what would happen? Whose life are you living really?" - Nathalie Godbout

This fantastic lawyer and business owner, Nathalie Godbout challenged our listeners to get quiet so you can hear what you think and believe. She reminds us that "the quietness allows you to love yourself."

She openly shares the turning point in her life.

Connect with Nathalie Godbout here:

Cathy Simpson

"You cannot be what you cannot see." - Cathy Simpson, CEO of TechImpact

Cathy Simpson - a passionate advocate for young women - reminds us of the importance of having female role models in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The more we see women in this space, the more encouraged other young girls will be to move into these traditionally male dominated fields.

Lorraine Peters

"Have the courage to tap into what makes you be you." - Lorraine Peters, Owner, NWH Modelling

Lorraine Peters is passionate about helping young women. She shares how her modelling business helps build confidence in young women and how there is power in being yourself.

She is right. It often takes courage to tap into what makes you be you.

Elizabeth Rowe

"Surround yourself with people who have dreams and are risk takers." - Elizabeth Rowe, Co-owner of Italian By Night

Elizabeth Rowe is life long learner. She reminds us that the company we keep matters as we move toward our dreams. Her passion for restaurant ownership has taught her so much about achieving dreams, business and leadership. She openly shares her insight.

Connect with Italian By Night:

Tracy Bell

"Indecision plagues businesses. It is better to make a decision and accept the result. So many people are quick to call things failures. I would say you make a decision, you get a result. If you take a learning from that, in my vocabulary, there is no failure."

Tracy Bell is passionate about her product and her business. She shares what she has learned thus far and the lessons as she continues to build this tremendous business.

Connect with Tracy Bell & Millenia Tea here:

I celebrate these women and all women on this International Women's Day. I appreciate the wisdom and insight. And as Lily Lynch of Sankara said..."Look to the female voices who are already doing the work." Each woman is a role model for leading an organization, a cause, other people and most importantly themselves.

To your continued growth,

Dana Lloyd

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