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Soul Sister Conversations

Welcome to Soul Sister Conversations with host Dana Lloyd where she brings you SOULFUL conversations each Sunday morning that inspire and empower you to connect more deeply to your authentic self.


Dana conducts conversation with warmth, humour & curiosity covering topics of personal development, leadership and spirituality. 

Guest Catalogue

Dana Lloyd

Episode 94

The Power of Going Inward

I share my insight on the power of accessing your Highest Self. We explore what does it mean to go inward, what are some ways to access your inner self and the benefits of doing so. If you are a seeker, this episode is for you.

Paula Morand

Episode 90

Dream Big, Be Bold

Paula teaches how to dream big and override what is holding you back. Paula also provides tools and advice to help anyone who is trying to make a shift in their life or business.

Elizabeth Eldridge

Episode 87

Helping One Another Have Better Mental Health

On a mission to end the stigma around mental health, she explains how we can help each other. We talk about the common mental health issues, red flags and strategies to help others.

Sandy Maxwell

Episode 84

Lessons From The Dying

CEO of Bobby's Hospice provides end of life care. She shares the greatest lessons she's learned from the dying. This episode is filled with warm stories from end of life care. This episode will have you looking at this part of life through a new lens.

Carole MacInnis

Episode 81

Writing A New Script for Aging

Carole MacInnis is a psychologist, educator and founder of the Third Act Leadership Forum.

Carole encourages you to tear up the script that society has written for you about aging.

Suzanne Doyle Yerxa

Episode 78:

Leadership Skills From Stage to Real Life

A career long drama teacher, Suzanne teaches how we can take us theatre to improve our leadership skills and access our creativity.

Elizabeth Rose

Episode 75

Using Channelling, Astral Travel & Past Life Regression to Heal

Elizabeth Rowe, Hypnotist and Deep Trance Channel shares insight on how we can use channeling, astral travel and past life regression to awaken and heal.

Nancy Legere

Episode 72

Becoming Whole: Overcoming Addiction, PTSD & Child Sexual Abuse

One woman's story of becoming whole and the journey to self-acceptance after suffering child sexual abuse.

Francine Lebel

Episode 69

The MAGIC & MEDICINE of Horses

Francine Lebel Certified Equine Facilitated Learning & Wellness Instructor works in human development and partners with horses to help people reach their full potential. Working with horses is emotional work.

Maureen Craig McIntosh

Episode 66

Get Real & Get Happy

This relationship coach teaches us the concept of Choice Theory and how it can be applied to help people become more empowered in the relationship with themselves and with others.

Cait Flanders

Episode 63

I am Enough: How Spending Less & Decluttering Reveals this

This best selling Hay House author shares her journey to finding herself in an unexpected journey of decluttering and reduced spending.

Kristine Ward

Episode 60

Our Choices Are Linked to Health & Happiness

This corporate Executive came to her most authentic life through several life threatening illnesses. She shares her journey and lessons on putting yourself first.

Dr. Tom Lehnert

Episode 57

From Burnout To Bliss

One doctor's story from overwhelm and professional burnout to finding meditation and a new state of bliss.

Sandra Akl

Episode 92

Discovering Your Divine Path Through The Akashic Records

Sandra Akl is a Soul Realignment Practitioner who shares her spiritual journey that has lead her to help others. She uses the Akashic Records to help give people direction and information about their soul's path.

Kyla Jane

Episode 89

Empowering Women & Girls Through Sport

Kyla is a on a mission to highlight, celebrate, and empower women via sports. She shares her own early experiences of being bullied by both boys and girls for playing sports.

Anne-Marie Collette

Episode 86

Creating Inner Peace

She shares about what is needed to truly find inner peace. It is all about tuning into our inner being. Anne-Marie assures us that when we foster our gifts and discover who we are, we are on our personal journey to peace.

Scarlett Lewis

Episode 83

One Mother's Story of Finding Meaning In Her Suffering

Scarlett Lewis’ son Jesse was murdered in the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting in 2012. The message that Jesse left her on her kitchen chalkboard the morning he died gave her a new purpose in life.


Episode 80

Listening to Your Soul Whispers

EagleSpirit takes us deeper into our 4 energetic bodies and how we can use these to guide us and heal.

We talk about listening to our Soul do we hear them and identifying our energetic blocks.

Michael Sheridan

Episode 77:

Interpreting Your Dreams

Michael Sheridan is a dream analyst who says you can use the power of our dreams to get in touch with the life you are meant to be living. You can discover your gifts, improve your relationships and restore your health.

Nasiyr McGill

Episode 74

Redefining Masculinity

Based on his Tedx talk, Nasiyr shares his struggle with the expectations of being a man. We talk about the pressures of being a man, redefining masculinity and what that should include. He also explains marginalized masculinity and how racism affect one's authentic journey.

Eleanor Austin

Episode 71

Amplify Your Voice

This former CBC Producer turned LinkedIn guru shares her practical tips on leveraging the LinkedIN format including where vulnerability, storytelling and blending your personal and professional identities fit in.

Nancy Regan

Episode 68

Overcoming Imposter Syndrome & Self-Doubt

This TV personality shares her authentic journey from a young TV co-host to helping others see their light.

Captain Andrea Speranza

Episode 65

Growing Confident Young Women

This career firefighter has created an award winning leadership camp for girls called Camp Courage. She wants to inspire young women to consider the first responder industry while helping them build confidence.

Maggie Beukeveld

Episode 62

One Women's Story of Physical Recovery & Spiritual Healing

After she and her family were hit by a logging truck, Maggie suffered with debilitating chronic pain and many other health issues until meeting a special meditation teacher that changed everything for her.

Diane Wooden

Episode 59

Building Healthy Relationships & Managing Conflict

This HR Manager teaches us how to better handle conflict so we can have healthier relationships.

Nicole Paquet

Episode 91

Creating Meaningful Change through Authentic Leadership

Nicole explains that authenticity begins with owning your own purpose, superpower and vulnerabilities. She shares how authenticity is not about being nice; it is about being real.

Brittany Cormier

Episode 88

Coming Awake At Any Age

She shares the impact of spiritually awakening in her 20's. She shares how the experience of becoming a new mom cracked her wide open. She also shares the impact the awakening had on the relationships in her life.

Johnena Kennedy

Episode 85

Helping Women Heal From Addictions

She explains what it means to be an addict and what is required to get sober. She shares the link between traumas/ shame and addictions and how addiction interferes with your authentic self.

Margot Gaudet

Episode 82

What Makes You Come Alive

Margot Gaudet of Maven Hill Farms shares her healing journey through several illness all within 22 months and by her mid-thirties, Margot decided to take back her life.

She shares her powerful healing journey and the reflections along the way.

Dr. Anne Berube

Episode 58

Deepening Our Spiritual Journey

Anne takes us through her own spiritual awakening where she was in a car accident and saw the movie of her life played out before her eyes.
We talk about identifying the soul’s calling, what does it mean to be soul reliant, how to deepen our spiritual journey.

Penny Catterick

Episode 76

Becoming A Transgender Woman at 60

Penny provides an inside view of her authentic journey to transitioning to a woman. She shares the mental health challenges to hiding secrets. She also tells stories of supernatural intervention as well as how faith still plays a role.


Episode 73

Living as an Empath/ Sensitive Soul

Eagle Spirit is a Soul Seer and Contemporary Shaman who teaches about the blessings of being an empath. She shares what is and isn't an empath, what are the 4 types of empaths and how to recognize them.

Terri-Ann Richards

Episode 70

Self-Awareness is Key To Personal & Professional Success

This serial entrerpreneur takes us on her authentic journey through a business lens. She talks about her mistakes and how becoming self-aware was the key to growing.

Debbie Rathwell

Episode 67

The Giving Power of Women

The co-founder of 100 Women Who Care Greater Saint John shares what happens when women come together for a great cause...their community wins!

Jess Neary

Episode 64

Creating Abundance by Using the Power of Your Home

This Feng Shui Interior Designer sheds light how to use your home to create abundance in your life and manifest what you want in your life.

Cara Dawn Miller

Episode 61

Use the Wisdom of Your Body to Heal

A fascinating episode about how wise our bodies are. Cara Dawn left her structural engineering career to help others after she too found relieve from her ailments through the healing power of energy.

Dhavita Filek

Episode 58

Feeling & Healing in Uncertain Times

This poet & meditation teacher helps us make sense of our fears during these uncertain times.

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