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The Values Course

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It is time to get find your direction and live with joy and fulfillment. Living in according with your values is a BIG part of that. This course will take you through the steps of identifying and articulating the values that drive YOUR life today. Have you felt stuck? Unhappy? Unfulfilled? Are you in a transition in your life? The reason that you may be feeling like that is you are not living according to your values. In order to live in accordance with your values, you have to first know what they are. In this course, we go beyond the standard values of loyalty, honesty and integrity. Your instructor and Life Coach, Dana Lloyd, will help you find your top values that are driving your life right now. Once you understand the power of your VALUES, you can easily revisit them from time to time to ensure there aren't more important VALUES that are emerging in your life. After you finish this course, you will: 1. be clear on what values are and are not 2. know how to identify values 3. recognize when you are in or out of alignment with your values 4. know how to use the values to navigate your life Once you take course that simplifies values, you will always be on the look out for any values that are emerging. You life begins to turn around. Your happiness grows. Your joy comes back. Stuck transforms into forward movement. Your VALUES are super important. Learning about your VALUES is super important. Living a good life depends on it.

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