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The Values Course


Welcome to The VALUES COURSE, a self-discovery program designed to articulate who you are. The Values Course identifies your Core Values providing a unique way of viewing yourself from the inside out. It is exciting & deeply fulfilling to understand who you are. It is never too early or too late for self-discovery. Who should take the course? It is for those looking for guidance in their lives. You are: ✔️ A new graduate unsure of your next steps & unclear how to talk about yourself in an interview. ✔️ You are looking for fulfillment that you have never had in your life. ✔️ Wanting to choose a job or career that you love. ✔️ You want to create a life that is aligned with the authentic you. ✔️ You are preparing for or (currently in) retirement and want to know how to make your 3rd act fulfilling. ✔️ You've had a major life change and not sure how to figure out what's next. ✔️ You want to tame your anxiety or stuck feeling around direction in your life. ✔️ You desire spiritual growth by answering the question "Who Am I?" This course aims to provide clarity about yourself. When you understand who you are, you can take action that is in alignment with the who you are. I will make this easy for you leading you step by step through the process with a series of short videos. There are 3 parts to this program: 1) Explanation & understanding of what are values 2) Show you how to identify your values 3) Demonstrate how you apply your values to your life. Course length: 37 minutes plus your thinking time. 🔥 It is really exciting as you are less than an 1 hour away from knowing who you truly are. Discover more about the most important person in your life. You!

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