Success Is A Game

June 10, 2017


Growing up, I loved playing snakes and ladders. It was a fun, easy game to play. There were 100 squares. You rolled the dice, moved the number of spaces indicated on the dice and the first person to arrive at 100 wins. Sometimes you landed on a ladder which allowed you to advance further and faster to the finish line and sometimes you landed on a snake which forced a setback.


Success is a lot like a game of snakes and ladders. You win some; you lose some. Everyone can handle a ladder (a boost, a win, a lucky break). It feels good, but can you handle the setbacks (the setbacks, the disappointments, the failures)? To have a shot at winning, you keep on rolling the dice regardless of your status in the game. That is partly the fun of it. Roll the dice again. Can you overlook your disappointments to stay in the game? Your opponents are in the same game as you, losing and winning on the road to success. It’s anyone's game if you are willing to risk failure.


Success leaves clues. Failure is one of them. Anyone who has "won," failed along the way. They know there is no perfect path to success. Failure is not to be avoided; it is the way to success. Anyone who has achieved success has a path littered with failures. I would venture to say that the greater the success, the greater the failures in size and numbers.


Failure is the best teacher. It shows you what you want. It shows you what you fear. It challenges you to see if you have what it takes to stay in the game. How badly do you want it?


Success is a game. Keep on rolling.


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