What's Your Freedom Code?

June 1, 2017












Freedom is....well...a very freeing word. It suggests ease, fluidity, lightness.

Who doesn't want that? 


Most people are looking to be free of something:

  • Free from their "monkey mind"

  • Free from stress

  • Free from financial restraints

  • Free from lopsided work-life balance

  • Free from a boss

  • Free from clutter


Freedom is something we actually have more power over than we think we do. Freedom is mostly a choice, but there is a cost to freedom. Something will be required of you either in time, effort and/or money.


First, think about what it is you want to be free from?


Freeing yourself from clutter might just mean dedicating one hour to clean out a closet that has been nagging you.

Being conscious of your spending might be all that is needed to feel in control of your finances.

Choosing to walk each evening may literally be the steps needed to unlock you from your tired, unhealthy body.

Connecting with a group of entrepreneurs might be the inspiration you need to put you on the path to being free of your boss by becoming your own.

Practicing meditation or expressing gratitude might be the key to settle your "monkey mind."


Freedom is action. 


What action is going to unlock it for you? What is your Freedom Code?


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