Giv'er: Operating to One's Potential

May 3, 2017


Your hometown tends to hold a special place in your heart because it is the birthplace of childhood memories. My hometown, Miramichi, NB is particularly special because it has its own dictionary.*  Yes, it has its own reference book to explain the numerous local sayings.


Giv'er is a very common word in my hometown, which has come to replace, or at least is used interchangeably with another popular word when I was growing up, Driv'r, which is a shortened version of the saying "Driv'r Francis."


Francis was a very popular step dancer known for his lively and animated moves. When he took the stage to dance, he moved with gusto. He fully embraced his potential. Inevitably, someone from the crowd would holler, "Driv'r Francis!" to acknowledge him, a blessing really. Eventually, the word "Driv'r!" jumped into the Miramichi vocabulary. It became the standard response anytime someone was doing an activity that would qualify "as going full out." Over the years, it seems to me the word Driv'r has morphed into Giv'er. It means the same thing. It has such importance, my hometown has incorporated the word into its tag line, Giv'er on the River.


To gain a better understanding of its use in my hometown, Giv'er is yelled in response to an activity, for example:

  • Someone pulls out of the driveway with speed spinning up the rocks, someone will yell, "Giv'er!"

  • Squealing your tires with vigor, someone will yell, "Giv'er!"

  • Driving with extreme speed down a rural road, someone will yell, "Giv'er!"

This is a town that recognizes full potential. Giv'er is like saying "Amen" in response to a prayer. It is an acknowledgement that the individual is operating at their full potential.


Think of personal activities that deserve the blessing of Giv'er:

  • try something outside your comfort zone. "Giv'er!"

  • complete a big project. "Giv'er!"

  • step into a leadership role. "Giv'er!"

  • be your best self. "Giv'er!"

My question to you…if someone was to witness your life's activities, would you deserve the blessing of Giv'er?


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*The Miramichi Dictionary by Doug Underhill                 

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