Traditions Anchor Us To Good Memories

December 6, 2016


Christmas is one of my favourite times of year.  I love the festiveness of the season.  It is sensory overload in the weeks leading up to Christmas Day.  There are twinkling lights, beautiful music, heavenly smells, tasty treats and gatherings. 


One of our family traditions is to put up Christmas decorations in late November to extend the season as long as we can.  I love decorating my house for my family.  My kids love the Christmas village and the wind up musical skating pond.  They, especially, love how the staircase is decorated.  Greenery loops its way up the large banister covered in white mini lights trimmed with sparkling balls and beads.  When it is lit in the evening, you feel like you are standing in a Norman Rockwell painting.  The decorated banister makes the entrance to our house glow.  When guests enter our home, I always hope it evokes a nostalgic Christmas feeling within them too. 


 A couple of years ago, it was a particularly busy season.  I really didn't know where I was going to get the extra time to dedicate to making the house feel special.  I had a little less Christmas mojo that year.  My kids were getting older and they didn't seem to care about decorations.  I told them I didn't think I would decorate the staircase as it took hours to put up and take down.  All of a sudden, both kids burst into protests.  "We love it decorated!  No, you have to decorate it. It’s tradition."  As they grew into mopey teenagers, I thought they cared less about our traditions.  What they don't care for is helping create them, but they still love how traditions make them feel.  I realize traditions are important to them too. 


Traditions create a backdrop to our lives making us feel safe and familiar.  Though we get older and things change, traditions act like anchors keeping us tied to the good feelings and memories of yesteryear.  Nostalgia makes us feel good.  Let your traditions warm you this holiday season.




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