Make Everyday Your Birthday

October 4, 2016


As I write this article, I am getting ready to go out with girlfriends to celebrate my birthday.  It has been a tradition for the better part of a decade where I along six friends gather to celebrate each other's birthdays.  It is not a big thing.  We pick a place to have dessert and give each other a card with an already decided amount of money.  The birthday girl gets to walk away with some cash to spend on herself. 


The birthdays give us a reason to get together, but it is mostly an opportunity to connect as women and as friends.  We catch up on what is happening in our lives, talk about our children, our fears, and we have more laughs than I can count.  Celebration of life looks like this. Birthdays remind us to take time to celebrate life. Doing the things you love when you come together in celebration of someone is the stuff that life is made of….laughing, eating cake, enjoying company, connecting.  When people come together doing things they love, their souls unite.


We do not need to make another trip around the sun before we can celebrate again.  I am soberly reminded that too many people have not been given the opportunity of celebrating many birthdays.  A Birth Day is the day you entered this world.  It is meant to be enjoyed.  Spend time with people you love.  Do things that make you happy.  Eat cake and laugh. 


A birthday is reason to celebrate.  Make everyday your Birth Day.




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