Everyone Needs To Belong

August 9, 2016


I have been in an informal writing group for a year and a half. One person is interested in coaching the inner writer out of people. The other person and I are interested in writing a book.  Let's be clear.  We call ourselves a writing group but it is interjected by food and therapy.  Every meeting begins with food.  You can't be creative on an empty stomach. Chocolate always insists on showing up and laughter rides shotgun. We share what we write which often leads to a personal therapy session. We help each other work something out or just listen.  We are understanding without tolerating a pity party.


When we meet, we often post on pictures of our meetings on Social Media.  The fun we are having comes through.  In one photo, a plate of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven were shown in the picture.  One of the comments wanted to know what kind of cookies we were eating.  Most comments are like that….not about the writing, but about how we are connecting.


I  said we should call ourselves:  "Tea, Cookies and Connection" group. I think that is what people really want. So many people have told me, "I wish I had a group like that." Everyone should have a group, which is a soft place to fall with people who have your back where you can show up and be real without judgement.  


There is no need to suffer with loneliness or disconnection.  Connection is our fuel.  If you don't have it in your life, create it. Create a group around something you love to do.  


Connecting with people who have something in common fulfills you.


What would a having a group do you for you?



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