Life Is Mostly Made Up of Ordinary Moments

June 7, 2016


Life is mostly made up of ordinary moments.  Before I started to write this message, I was staring out my window into the backyard watching the rain fall as I looked passed my dog who was curled up on the window seat resting his eyes.  I was listening to the piano notes my son was playing drifting from the living room. The piercing intermittent sound of power tools interrupted the music as my husband rebuilds the front deck.  Nothing special.  Just today's ordinary moments.


In a world where extraordinary gets the attention, ordinary is overlooked.  Ordinary has depth and richness when we take the time to experience it.  Experiencing ordinary requires presence; for example, use your senses to experience the rain.  How does it smell? Sound? How does it make you feel?  Use your senses to convert ordinary days to extraordinary.     


One semester at University, I took a drama course.  As my drama teacher crawled around on her knees of the classroom floor, she asked us "to slow the action down" in the scene we were about to enact.  She didn't want us to "move" through the scene, but truly "be" in the scene by using our senses to explore anything it had to offer us. 


We can use this drama lesson to get more from our lives.  This summer practice "slowing the action down."  Vacation serves to take you from your routine, but presence allows you to appreciate what is already there.  Summer has a way of disappearing all too quickly in this part of the country.  Days are never long enough, so don't let the smallest of moments pass you by this summer. 


Ordinary has something to offer us. 


What would you gain by "slowing down" in the ordinary moments?  What might you be missing?

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