Allow Nature To Teach You

April 5, 2016


The past couple of winters on the East Coast have been long, hard winters.  Although they felt like they were never going to end, eventually they did.  It reminds us that no matter how long or dark the winter, spring will always follow giving way to lightness and rebirth.  Mother Nature keeps her promises.  Perennials push their way through the dirt and the remains of last season.  Birds chirping are a welcome forgotten sound.  Spring is revived gradually lurching to life.  

Spring's arrival is a reminder of renewal.  Like nature, we too can experience a season of darkness…a bad day at work, a break up, or feeling things could be better than they are.   Although there is comfort in knowing that there will be brighter days ahead, we do not have to wait for our winter to pass. There is always an opportunity to activate our own spring; we can begin again.


The best way to tackle darkness is to have a plan for lightness.  Know yourself and create a Spring playbook that you can refer to when you are feeling off or down.  You can change seasons by shifting your focus.


1)  Remind yourself of what is going well in your life.  Be your own cheerleader.

2)  Write yourself a new story of how you want a situation or your life to flow.

3)  Change the quality of your thoughts.  Are you thinking thoughts that make you feel good?


In addition to being a beautiful backdrop to life, nature may be our greatest teacher. 


What can nature teach you?




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